Few people understand the sofa making process and the experience and skills needed to create one, but we like to think we are one of the few.

If you have ever wondered how our luxury sofas are made, join us as we take you on a journey through each stage of the manufacturing process. From design through to delivery and aftercare, discover more about the craftsmanship and expertise behind each individual designer sofa.

Intensely researched—from factory visits to interviews—our comprehensive Sofa Guide is designed to give you all of the information and options you need to make your sofa purchase.

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Sofa Ergonomics & Anthropometrics –
Types of Sofa Styles –
Types of Sofa Arms & Sofa Legs –
Sofa Frames & Sofa Springs –
Types of Sofa Cushions –
Types of Sofa Fillings –
Upholstery Textiles, Applications & Techniques –
Sofa Packaging & Delivery –
Sofa Care & Maintenance –


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